Services & Benefits

  • Direct and personal involvement in every phase of the design and building process.
  • 40 years of experience working on large and small projects and a diverse array of building types.
  • Close attention to detail in every aspect of the design and the documentation.
  • Having a small office with low overhead as well as the most up to date equipment enables me to offer high quality design and documentation services at very competitive professional fees.
  • Work is done in a three dimensional CAD program that  allows my client, the consultants, the general contractor and subcontractors to view the building and all of its components in three dimensions from any viewpoint right from the start.  I have found this to be an enormous help and time saver for all involved, especially the client.  You understand really well what you will be getting during the design process and before construction starts.  Working this way also allows me to meet, discuss and view the project three dimensionally in real time with my clients either in person or even remotely using available teleconferencing software.
  • I listen carefully to what my clients want and work hard to create buildings and places that function well and that are comfortable and enjoyable to be in.
  • I offer my clients creative, inventive, thoughtful, joyful, inspirational, practical and build-able solutions.

John David Rulon, Architect

Started Firm March 2009

Past Architectural Work Experience:

Backen & Gillam, Architects
Muller & Caulfield, Architects
David Bartlett Associates
EHDD Architects
J.D. Rulon, Architect
EHDD Architects
Valdes & Rulon, Architects
Robinson Mills & Williams
David C.S. Polk, Architect

Architecture Critic  - University of Pennsylvania


Bachelor of Science, Mechanical Engineering
Brown University   Providence, RI
1965 - 1969

Master of Architecture, Graduate School of Fine Arts
University of Pennsylvania   Philadelphia,  PA
1974 - 1977
Paul Philippe Cret Prize - Best Design Thesis

Influential Architects & Others:

Past Employers:  Howard Backen, George Homsey & Joseph Escherick, David Polk
Modern Architects:  Louis I. Kahn, Carlo Scarpa, Frank Lloyd Wright, Tadao Ando, Aldo Van Eyck, Frank Furness, Peter Bohlin, James Cutler, William Mc Donough, Anne Tyng
Others:  Steve Jobs, Albert Einstein, Thomas Edison, Gabor Szlontay

A Note To My Future Clients

I am an optimist. I am always searching for simple, fundamental and universal solutions that work and make sense for my clients. I believe that every project big or small offers wonderful challenges and new beginnings.  As I.M. Pei said in the film “My Architect” when paraphrasing architect Louis I. Kahn:   “The best is yet to come.”
— John David Rulon