John David Rulon, Architect


The building is made up of a double helix reminiscent of the DNA molecule. Each of the steps is a floor of offices with a garden on the side showing as green in the view from above. The middle tower is the elevator/ bathroom core and the smaller vertical towers are the emergency stair towers. The garden terraces cascade down both helixes from the top to the bottom.

The primary structure of the building consists of the reinforced concrete middle tower and the smaller stair towers serving as compression members that support steel suspension cables that extend down from the top of the building around the perimeter.  These suspension cables support each of the cantilevered floors.  The overall structures has multiple redundancies.

The vertical proportions of the building are based upon the Fibonacci series of numbers (1,2,3,5,8,13,…) which one sees throughout nature with regard to growth. The ratio of one Fibonacci number to its next approaches the divine proportion. The Fibonacci series and the proportions generated from these numbers are seen not only in nature but also in art and architecture.